How to find json objects and their record numbers of desired value from JsonPowerDB?

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JsonPowerDB provides FIND_RECORD command to get the list of record numbers and corresponding json object where the desired value is exists. Following shows how to make request of FIND_RECORD for JsonPowerDB server.

Url : ‘http://serverdomain:5577/api/irl
Method: ‘POST’
Content-Type: ‘application/json’


   "cmd" : "FIND_RECORD",
   "dbName": "MyDataBase",
   "rel" : "Employee",
   "jsonStr": {

FIND_RECORD Response: This command returns response in json format contains json array of json objects that contains record number and json record inside it.

 "dataArray": [
             "record": {  "empID":"101",
                               "empName":"ARPIT TODEWALE",
                               "empDsg":"TECHNICAL HEAD"         

            "record number":1
"message": "Success",
"status":200 }

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