Remove a json row from a relation in JsonPowerDB?

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JsonPowerDB provides 'REMOVE' command to remove json row of a relation, it removes single json row at a time. For using REMOVE command, you should know record number of json row which has to be remove. For know how to retrieve record number from JsonPowerDB click here.
Remove request format:
"token":"401400726|-363956312424328770|401400726", "cmd":"REMOVE",
"record": 1
Post above json request to the server using HTTP post request method on following information.
Method: ‘POST’
Content-Type: ‘application/json’

Remove response fromat:

JsonPowerDB returns response in Json format as shown below, which contains removed json record.

"data": {
            "empDed":0.0, "empName":"ARPIT TODEWALE",
            "empNet":0.0, "empBasic":25000, "empAllowance":0.0,
            "empDsg":"TECHNICAL HEAD"

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