NOTE - The JsonPowerDB API port has been changed to 5577

Old Request: http://serverdomain:4567/...
New Request: http://serverdomain:5577/...

How to get JsonPowerDB database 'connection-token' in development?

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'connection-token' is used to interact with JsonPowerDB, it must be included in every request of jsonPowerDB for security purpose, To get the 'connection-token' from JsonPowerDB, use HTTP post request method on following informations.
    Url: http://serverdomain:4567/dev/login
    Method: 'POST'
    Content-Type: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded”
    Request parameters: "  password=dev123"
JsonPowerDB provide response of above HTTP post request in json format as follows:

  "message":"Valid user", 

Now developer got the 'connection-token' in json response as above and require to use this 'connection-token' in all further requests to JsonPowerDB server.

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